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Brand and Social Media Design

This slideshow covers a social media strategy designed for a local plant boutique to adapt the brand to more current social strategy. It involves studying and breaking down the brand and its goals, then building a strategy tailored for that brand. The client wanted to better engage with its digital audiences, so looking into(at the time) up and coming platforms like tik tok, and more recognized platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this strategy was devised to help this small shop reach a wider audience.

SOIC Brand Story

This document is a brand story designed for the school of informatics and computing, where the goal is to craft a new identity for the school. Having trouble effectively communicating the goals and ideals of the school, SoIC wanted to create a better brand identity to drive home the brands strengths and possibilities as a cutting edge school.

This Story was created with over 30 interviews with internal and external stakeholders, an after analyzing the competition in the space. What resulted is a tale of 3 students, who represent the people and ideals contained within the v-wing shaped building, on the far east of the campus of IUPUI.

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